Import duties

One of the most frequently asked questions is: "Do I have to pay import duties?"

European Community

The answer to that is that you can send a present to somebody within the EC from outside the EC with a maximum cost price of €45,00. However if you buy something and you send it to yourself the maximum cost price is €22,00. The prices you see on our site are of course not cost price. The cost price doesn't include packaging and postage. Our prices include everything.

So for you it is difficult to judge when you might have to pay import duties and when not.

If you order several products and dispatch them to a single address and the total sum of the cost prices is over the € 45,00 we will automatically dispatch the order in two separate packages (or as many as needed). This won't cost you anything extra. It is in the end up to the customs discretion what the cost price is of any product and if you have to pay any duties and/or VAT. What we can say is, that up to now not one of our customers had to pay any duties. But we can't guarantee that it won't happen. It is advisable to make the dispatch address different from the invoice address or at least another name. When customs then opens your package they normally will assume it is a person to person package.

United States of America

At this moment it is unclear what the rules are concerning importing into the USA. It seems they differ in each state. What we do know is that all packages arrived at our American customers without problems or import duties to be paid (so far).

European Community & United States of America

If you do get charged import duties we (of course) can't be held responsible. We would however like to hear from you in that case so we can inform our customers better. If you tell us what you were charged (and where) we will try to make up with a nice present.