Plus Size Wedding Information

Plus size wedding gowns and clothing accessories for the fuller figure bride should be as beautiful and as varied as they are for the thinner bride, but it seems that designers and wedding dress manufacturers prefer to offer the more desirable wedding dresses to fit those figures up to a size 16. Girls with a fuller figure are finding it increasingly frustrating trying to find the dress of their dreams.

Is this fair? - No it's not fair, and why should it be, as beautiful brides come in all shapes and sizes. Why shouldn't you have a dress that makes you feel wonderful on your special day?

The vast majority of dress designers tend to neglect the fuller figure bride and prefer to focus their designs to accommodate the sizes 6 to 14 leaving everyone else less choice and feeling rather abandoned. Some enlightened bridal stores are stocking plus size wedding gowns and catering more for this market and for your needs but we feel that there still is a lot more that can be done. Prices for plus size wedding gowns can also be expensive. Whilst it's true that larger wedding gowns require more material, the surcharges imposed are usually a lot more than the additional material cost and, in some cases, seems punitive and unnecessary.

We don't believe that's fair as every bride, no matter what size or shape, should at least be entitled to a reasonable choice of beautiful designs with features especially created to help you look & feel wonderful on your special day.

We do not charge more for a plus size wedding dress up to and including plus size 20 (most bridal stores increase their prices from 16). We only impose a modest £40 for plus sizes 22, 24 and 26

We have carried out extensive research by talking to bridal stores and, most importantly, the plus size brides to ask you what you want and what you would like to see and we have managed to compile a list of features and sensible suggestions which we hope will be of help to you.

Here are some sensible tips which we hope will help you when choosing your perfect wedding dress.

When it comes to choosing a plus size wedding dress if you feel that your weight will fluctuate and you’re worried that you might lose or even gain weight when it comes to your wedding day, why not choose a wedding dress that has a lace up bodice? This will save you money as you won't have to pay for alterations and it will allow you to adjust the fitting according to your actual weight on the day.

Tip 1

Go for a design that incorporates a lace up bodice so you won't have to pay for last minute alterations as your dress will fit you well, no matter if your weight fluctuates up or down.

Tip 2

If you are conscience of your bust then don't go for A bodice design that is heavily encrusted or embroidered as this not only adds an illusion of a little more weight but actually accentuates the bust size even more. Go for a plainer bodice with perhaps decoration around the bust line edge.

Tip 3

Wearing your dress throughout the day should be a pleasure and is what you have been looking forward to. If you feel you need extra support to hold up your bust then go for a design that helps you, with sensible non lace straps, as they will irritate your shoulder. Go for wide and comfortable straps or a halter neck design.

Tip 4

If you are conscience of your upper arms and you feel you want cover them or you have tattoos then why not go for a design with chiffon sleeves, which are lightweight and delicate and in some cases can be detachable for the reception.

Tip 5

If you want to disguise any midriff bulges you can either go for a swept material design or a very plain but reinforced bodice to effectively hold in the waist line. The latter may feel slightly less comfortable after wearing the dress for several hours. The secret is to try out both styles for more than 30 minutes.

Your wedding day is your special day and we want you to have the dress of your dreams that makes you feel special.

Thai Silk Clothes are pleased to have 2 solutions which can help you.
Firstly, why not consider having your plus size wedding gown made via our affordable 'made to measure' wedding gown service, where we can create the perfect dress for you. Prices vary but on average a budget of £450 will be sufficient.
Alternatively, if your budget is tight, then consider one of our ready made wedding gowns, which are all available up to plus size 26 as standard, starting from £270.

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