Quality Control – Returns

Fitting Explanation

www.thaisilkclothes.com will endeavour to make your clothes according to your instructions, however we must stress that we can only work on the information you submit so you must make sure that the person taking your measurements does so with accuracy and absolute honesty as some designs are meant to be close fitting and we assume that the measurements supplied are as accurate as possible. If we are unsure or unhappy about the measurements supplied we will contact you by email to request further information or clarification.

Customer Returns

We are dedicated to total customer satisfaction and intend to make you happy. We are however aware that minor alterations may be required and we would recommend that any such minor alterations be done locally, as this will be far cheaper and quicker than returning the item. If you will do this and supply a copy of the dressmakers bill [posted / scanned or faxed] we will be happy to refund you the cost up to a maximum of £20 - $35 - €28. We will however happily accept the return of the garment if you are dissatisfied and/or if the garment does not fit at all. Providing the garment is retuned to us within the 7 days of delivery and reaches us in good condition and your reason for return is a valid and fair one we will refund your money in full. Alternatively, we will make the necessary alterations as per your instructions at no cost to you and return the garment post free. We reserve the right however to charge an alteration costs which we deem to be reasonable if you have made attempts to alter the dress in any way which may prevent us from trying to rectify the garment. Please remember that we are making clothes for you and only you and we are trying to make this happen from the comfort of your living room with genuine good quality Thai silk material using experienced Thai silk dress makers in Thailand.

When you try on the garment please take care and ensure that a good friend or experienced person can take note of any alterations that may be required and write them down and better still pin the changes to the garment prior to return. Or better still visit a local experienced dressmaker and let them make the changes.

Remember you are obtaining a lovely genuine Thai Silk garment, which is being made to order at a greatly discounted price at probably half the cost it would be to have this made locally. We therefore would expect there to be a slim chance that some minor alterations may be required which would be best dealt with locally. This is why we are prepared to offer to pay for these alterations albeit minor to avoid any disappointment or customer inconvenience or dissatisfaction. We are very confident however that provided you supply accurate measurement information and pictures [if possible] we will make your garment to fit you with your complete satisfaction.

Further Information

Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.